Seba Sahtout实习


Seba, an 汽车技术 major, interned at 奔驰兰开斯特 over the summer.

奔驰兰开斯特 offers new and pre-owned Mercedes Benz models from the entire lineup.


I learned about the internship opportunity from the job fair at the Transportation Center in February. I wasn’t originally planning on taking on a job over the summer, but the offer came to me and I couldn’t refuse a step into my future.


我的日常生活每天都不一样. Sometimes my mentor and I finish a job we didn’t complete the day before, 而另一些日子,我们带着新的责任重新开始. 有时我们主要关注的是诊断汽车. My mentor does his best to teach from a distance, but he also is there to help me as I need it.

What is something you were surprised to learn about in your time as an intern?

I noticed working in the field was different than I thought it would be, which surprised me. I also found it very interesting to see people from all walks of life working in the same field and enjoying what they do.


I am an automotive technician and occasionally it was challenging to keep up with the other, 更有经验的技术人员.

What’s been the best thing about your internship experience?

The best thing about the experience has been all the people I work alongside. Having good people surround you all day and helping you really make working more enjoyable.

Tell a story about something that happened once as part of your internship.

我们有一辆电动汽车,完全没电了. So we had to push it into the shop with a jumper pack on it so we could disable the parking brake. 我的导师是方向盘,因为它没有动力转向. I was pushing the car with a car pusher – a brand-new car with only 400 miles on it. 我们把它向后推下山, 我在快速推进, and it went so fast that the car automatically slammed on the brakes. 汽车推手走到汽车前面, 刮烤架, 它塞进了我的胃里. 我脑子里不断重复的是永远不要刮伤一辆车. 这发生在我实习一个月的时候!  Everyone I worked with was concerned about me and assured me that a grill can be replaced but a person cannot. The replacement cost for the grill was several hundred dollars and the company covered the replacement cost. 现在有划痕的烤架挂在店里.

Would you recommend seeking out an internship to other students at 塞迪斯史蒂文斯学院? 为什么或为什么不?

I would definitely recommend seeking an internship in your field as a first-year student. I feel like I have learned more in the past couple of months working directly in the industry than I had in labs – even though I learned a lot in my labs! I also think being in the field early helps your chances at a better or similar job after graduation.


I think this experience will help me since I already put my foot forward into my career. My place of work knows who I am and how I work so that in the future if I would like to stay with the company I can, 或者我不知道, they can help me by writing a good letter of recommendation for my next job.




洛伦佐, 计算机软件工程技术专业, 整个夏天我都在webrestaurantstore实习.

WebstaurantStore is the largest online restaurant supply store serving professionals and customers worldwide, 航运 millions of orders of wholesale supplies including healthcare, 教育, 食物, 饮料, 办公室, 部分, 酒店, 航运, 工业用品.

你是怎么知道实习的 as an opportunity?



作为数据库开发人员, 我正在为数据管理需求编写代码, 其中可以包括测试和运行查询, 部署格式和功能更新, 修改文件以进行改进和克隆模型.

What is something you were surprised to learn in your time as an intern?

和很多工作场所一样, there is a fair share of 办公室 banter as there is work; however, 你要学会掌握平衡. 最终, 最好集中精力,明智地利用时间, 有效地, 最重要的是, 爱你所做的一切.


Learning to sit back and listen, take notes, and pay attention. 带上笔记本和笔很有帮助. 作为个人, you don’t always have to jump to the front of the line or dive into swampy, 未知的水——你可以而且应该先学习基础知识!

What’s been the best thing about your internship experience?

I feel like the best thing about my experience has been the team I’m on. Secondly, the company’s core moral principles, guidelines, and ethics. 这些都是很棒的体验.

Share a story about something that happened one day as part of your time as an intern:

One day midway through the internship we had to scrap an entire project, 我感觉不太好. However, it taught me that beautiful things can come from such set back. I value that continuing to work hard is important but somethings you cannot manage that are out of your control.

Would you recommend seeking out an internship to other students at 塞迪斯史蒂文斯学院?

The internship was fundamentally priceless in my learning and career growth not only as a professional but in interpersonal development. 我很感谢克拉克律师事务所的团队!

How do you think this experience will help you in the future?

This internship has been pivotal in helping to transform me into a professional, 我渴望成为一个精通技术的商人. I can highly recommend WebstaurantStore and Clark Associates as businesses to consider working for.

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